During the state’s annual Sales Tax Holiday, a variety of purchases are exempt from the state’s 6% Sales Tax and any applicable local taxes. Tax-free items range from clothing, accessories, and shoes to school supplies, backpacks, and computers. As long as an item is eligible, it is tax-free whether purchased in-store or online.

Millions of dollars are transferred to the Unclaimed Property Program each year by companies that cannot locate the owners. Individuals, estates, businesses and even churches and charities can have unclaimed property. It only takes a minute to find out if we are holding money for you.

How can you report needed pots hole repairs?

You can use this site below to determine if it is a County or State Road.

If it is a County Road – call the Public Works Department at 803-628-3200 and provide the following:

– Your name

– Your telephone number

– The name of the road for which the problem is being reported

– Detailed information concerning the problem

– Detailed directions to the problem area (subdivision name, road name, address or lot number, which side of the road, which main road or highway is it located off of, etc.

If it is a State Road – call SCDOT road maintenance group in Rock Hill at 803 327-6186 OR you can submit a work request online: