Session Wrap Up

Rep. Brandon Guffey
SC Rep. district #48, Newsletter July 2023

The first year is in the books for my first session in the South Carolina Statehouse. In the coming weeks, you will receive a mailer listing accomplishments of the Republican Caucus in 2023, but I wanted to share a personal view of what I feel was extremely important.
As a freshman, I was able to pass my first law (H3583), “Gavin’s Law,” and honestly couldn’t have accomplished this without the strong support of colleagues in the House and Senate. This law will make the act of using images to extort individuals a felony in our state. Most of you are aware of why this is personal to me. Should you like to see some of the media shared on Gavin’s Law, I have them posted on my foundation pageGavins Law; SC representative Brandon Guffey Please take the time to look so you can inform your family members of this horrific crime. In addition to Gavin’s Law, at the top of my list of priorities was to ensure we passed legislation for Fentanyl Trafficking. I was a co-sponsor of the legislation, and these were my top two priorities to address to protect our children within District 48. Bond Reform passed and will keep repeat offenders from catch and release. This was a top priority for Governor McMaster.

The budget has been passed and is now headed to the Governor’s desk. To be honest, freshmen don’t get much input on the budget process because the Ways and Means Committee does most of the vetting. I will have a better understanding of it next year, but I am glad that there are many positives in our budget.

York County is listed as getting $20 million to assist in the acquisition of Blue Granite, which will help keep some of those customers’ bills lower within the former Blue Granite service area. York County will also receive $1 million for Park Improvements, including a playground cover for Field Day Park and enhancements at our county lake parks. I requested the City of Rock Hill receive funds for a
water tower for the Northeast side of Rock Hill, but it was removed from the budget. Rock Hill will receive $500,000 for the BMX World Championship.

In addition to those local priorities, the budget will raise teachers’ starting salary $2,500, include at least a $2,500/yr pay raise for those making less than
$50,000 a year, $20 million towards school safety, $27 million towards SROs, 20% raise for school bus drivers, 15% increase for Class I Law Enforcement officers, 6.5% for Class II officers, $13 million to increase mental health services, $51 million towards increasing pay for Mental Health/Nursing professionals, additional $20 million towards CTCs, $8 million towards litter pickup, $20 million towards
modernizing the DMV, and $40 million for growing SC’s Agribusiness Industry to capture current out of state demand. My first year was aggressive, and I feel great about our accomplishments.

We Restructured DHEC, Expanded Paid Family Leave, Repealed Certificate of Need, Expanded School of Choice, Passed Fetal Heartbeat Bill, and Promoted Workforce Development (SCDEW). The House itself also passed Constitutional Carry, Transparency in Education, Expanded School
Choice, and Banned ESG’s from our State Pension
. These have not been passed by the Senate yet.

SC representative Brandon GuffeyIf I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you would like monthly updates, please sign up for my newsletter on Thank you for your love, support, and prayers. The community has really been extremely supportive of my family, and I am eternally grateful for that.
Thank you again for everything,